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Bringing It Together: An approach to a lighter and happier dressage horse

Bringing It Together: An approach to a lighter and happier dressage horse
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"I ordered your book and DVD and read it last night. I wanted to tell you that I improved my horses dramatically today when I rode them and used especially the first two exercises... Thank you so much for sharing this with the general public - today was an absolute game changer for me!! THANK YOU!"
Allison Brock, Bronze Olympic medalist , USDF Gold and Silver medalist

Bringing It Together, a collaboration between Ellen Eckstein and Betty Staley, describes the training system Ellen developed to integrate the techniques and philosophy learned from her many years of working with Tom Dorrance and those of classical dressage.

The book details fundamental exercises that can be applied to the green horse, non-traditional dressage breeds, and horses that have otherwise "washed out" of traditional dressage systems. This approach can also enable horses to return to competition and traditional dressage systems with success.

Straightforward and concise, the book includes a DVD, illustrating the exercises on horses at all levels (beginning to advanced), showing the connection to the upper levels.

Ellen Eckstein is a Grand Prix rider from California. She teaches, trains and coaches many successful competitive dressage riders and horses as well as those of other disciplines.

At home in Montana, Betty Staley is an artist, writer and dedicated lifelong rider, both English and Western. Betty's riding is strongly influenced by her teachers Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. Betty also competes in dressage.

Forwards by Buck Brannaman and Jane Smiley

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