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Build A Better Athlete: 16 Gymnastic Exercises for Your Horse

Build A Better Athlete: 16 Gymnastic Exercises for Your Horse
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Download the Practical Horseman book excerpt her and get a clear introduction to the exercises that can save your bacon --the shoulder-in

Learn the progressive system Leslie Webb has developed to gymnasticize her horses whether they are green youngsters just starting their careers or advanced horses. From the series that ran in Practical Horseman, these 16 exercises will benefit any horse, whether he s a hunter, eventer, jumper, trail, or eq horse.

Leslie Webb's gymnastic exercises are:

  • Simple: They allow you and your horse to focus on and develop one skill at a time.
  • Diagnostic: Leslie explains how each one can correct an underlying problem that may be hindering you and your horse at home or in the show ring.
  • Sensitizing. Your horse will learn to tune in to your seat for subtle cues that increase communication and response, determine his direction and bend, and act as the metronome that sets his rhythm, tempo, and length of stride.
  • Useful: They will help you develop a logical, systematic warm-up and schooling program you can use every time you ride or compete.
  • Effective: Guiding your horse through these gymnastics almost automatically puts him on the aids and makes him rhythmic, supple, and balanced.

The Pocket Guide to Build a Better Athlete is a small, take-to-the-barn size and is available here.

Order the Set of Build a Better Athlete book and pocket guide and save, available HERE

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