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Down to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse and Enjoy It

Down to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse and Enjoy It
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At last, a dressage book with a difference: how to train your horse and enjoy it!

Team GB Olympic team gold medalist Carl Hester gives us a fresh slant on dressage training - the key words being enjoyment and fun. Inspired by their hugely successful articles in Horse & Rider magazine, Carl Hester and Bernadette Faurie have combined their talents to make dressage training accessible to everyone.

  • They offer advice on training all types of horse and all levels of rider.
  • They explain how to set about improving the horse's paces and suppleness, whilst keeping him happy and enthusiastic in his work.
  • They describe how to ride dressage movements, from simple circles to flying changes, pointing out common mistakes and how to correct them.

The pages are peppered with vital tips and step-by-step instructions, and there are over 100 specially shot color photos of Carl schooling his horses at home, bringing on youngsters, and fine-tuning the more experienced superstars. This book is about every rider making the most of his or her own potential and, in the process, producing a horse that is more pleasing to ride and more athletic in its body.

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