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Impact Flashing Leg Wraps 5 LED

Impact Flashing Leg Wraps 5 LED
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 Teddy's Twisted Products has developed impact-activated leg wraps for horses. With no on/off switch to forget, they automatically flash with each step the horse takes and stop flashing when the horse isn't moving. There are 10 red, white and blue LEDs on the large leg wraps and 5 LEDs on the small, so horses are visible for up to frac14; mile. Fun to look at, some riders report that cars stop sooner as drivers try to identify what they're seeing. The leg wraps have heavy-duty, hook and loop tape fasteners so go on and off easily, allowing the rider to have less exposure to the horse's hooves. They are water proof so can be hand washed to remove mud and debris. Fastener extensions are available for proper fitting of larger horses.

  • 5 Bright LED's flashing sequance on every hoof fall
  • 1 light reflective band. One reflective silver band
  • Quick Velcro ON /OFF application
  • Water resitant and hand washable
  • NO on/off switch
  • works on application to horse

The Impact Flashing Leg Wraps are waterproof--the LED's will slightly dim when wet and brighten back up when dry. The batteries are not replaceable (due to being sealed and waterproof.) On average they last up to 3 years and have a 1-year warranty if you need yours replaced for any reason. 


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