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Principles of Conformation Analysis: Volumes I, II & III

Principles of Conformation Analysis: Volumes I, II & III
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Everything you need to know about horse anatomy is found here. Follow expert Dr. Deb Bennett as she takes an in-depth, informed look at conformation and reveals how to improve your performance and harmony with your horse. 

The three popular volumes of Principles of Conformation Analysis are now available in this one edition, providing the most comprehensive insight into equine structure and its effects on movement, soundness, and performance.

Within these pages, you'll find:

  • Valuable guidelines for examining the suitability of horses for various activities
  • Hundreds of photos, charts, and drawings explaining various body parts and the way they work together
  • Detailed information on how to minimize conformational limitations and maximize your horse’s performance, whatever his breed or sport
  • Simple methods for analyzing hind legs and detecting horses with “lame” backs
  • Exclusive “lab exercises” from Dr. Deb’s files that offer practical help in evaluating your own horse

Whether you're looking for an international dressage horse or a comfortable pleasure mount, Principles of Conformation Analysis will improve your "eye" for conformation. And no matter how you're involved in the horse industry—as a buyer, trainer, rider, or breeder—this book will enrich your equestrian experience.

Paperback, 300 pp.

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