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Success in the Saddle: Volume 4

Success in the Saddle: Volume 4
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No equipment needed – No excuses!

Debbie Rodriguez is an "S" dressage judge, eventing judge, USDF Gold Medalist and certified personal trainer. Work with her through these no equipment, no excuses workouts and discover the value of core fitness to your riding. This is functional fitness for riders of all disciplines.

If you have been doing the original set of Days 1-6 of Success in the Saddle -- Core Fitness for Equestrians and you are ready to add more variety and intensity to your workouts, Volume 4 is for you!

This DVD will help you:

  • Take your riding to the next level
  • Strengthen your hips and core for greater comfort in the saddle
  • Increase your stamina Improve the independence of your seat

Volume 4 includes:

  • Day 7 A core workout with dynamic balance and stability work and more intense core engagement
  • Day 8 An advanced hip workout –work your range of motion and strength. You will feel the results.

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