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Tally Ho Palm Beach by Paul Striberry

Tally Ho Palm Beach by Paul Striberry
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Delightfully charming, clever, funny, and entertaining, Paul leads you through an insightful foxhunter’s version of Alice and Wonderland. Even if you are not a fox hunter or a horse owner, you will find the book hard to put down.

Real Estate agent Alice Pleasance Liddell literally “runs into” the local Palm Beach Hunt at the beginning of this oddly charming romp of a book. This chance encounter plunges Alice headfirst into the social whirl of the affluent, and not so affluent hunt members. After meeting the Master’s gentle son Clayton she realizes the Hunt is deeply in debt to...well, everyone. All as a result of...wait for it...a Seminole curse. Amid hounds, hunting, and horses, Alice is determined to save both the hunt country and restore Everglades Hall. Oh, and reverse the Indian curse. All while awash in the whirl of hunt balls, races, and polo matches.

Paperback, 240 pp.

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