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The Rider's Edge

The Rider's Edge
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"Like all of Janet's works, this one you won't want to miss. Read it, enjoy it, savor it, digest it and I guarantee your game of riding -- as well as your game of life -- will improve." 

--George Morris

In this book, Dr. Edgette shows you how to develop healthy attitudes and perspectives that help you to make better choices regarding your horses, training programs, and yourself to bring about better riding.

Through her regular monthly column over the past eight years, Dr. Janet Edgette has entertained and educated the readers of Practical Horseman magazine about the influence their thoughts can have on their lives with their horses.

Janet believes that people often assume equestrian sport psychology concerns itself only with performance nerves in riders, overlooking all the different issues that this sport brings up that cannot be remedied by a new bit, a new horse or extra lessons.


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